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Freshly Baked Pizza

Pizza Hut Website Redesign


User Interface Design





Drawing inspiration from the transformative impact of marketing design on brands, I embarked on a personal project to redesign the Pizza Hut website. Upon initial inspection, I found the website to be outdated, unappealing and lacked user-friendliness. To enhance its appeal, I sketched out and executed an improved layout with a modern and refreshing spin. ​

My redesign aimed to prioritize simplicity and usability, resulting in three main pages in the menu, "About Us," "Delivery Menu," and "Contact Us." For the ordering menu, I introduced a simple user interface, comprising a one-page scroll menu, with each food section (Pizza, Baked, Pasta, Sides & Drinks) displaying three food items at a time. Customers can effortlessly select quantity, edit food items, and add them to their cart via the intuitive UI.

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