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Enak Enak Restaurant Branding


Visual Identity Design


Brand & Logo



As a freelance designer for Enak Enak, a halal family restaurant, I was tasked with creating a new and modern visual identity and branding for their business. My objective was to create a logo and design style guide that would help to differentiate the restaurant in a competitive market, while also resonating with their target audience. To achieve this, I worked closely with the client to understand their vision and brand values. Based on this, I created a new logo that reflects the restaurant's personality and values, and that would be easily recognizable by customers.

I also developed a comprehensive design style guide to ensure consistency across all touchpoints, including marketing materials, signage, and menus. Throughout the project, I used my skills in typography, color theory, and design principles to create a cohesive and professional visual identity that aligns with the client's goals. The result is a brand that feels modern and fresh, yet still true to the restaurant's heritage and values.

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