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FRAMED is an interactive magazine that caters to the needs of aspiring photographers, providing them with a range of inspiring guides, tutorials, tips, and feature articles. The concept behind the masthead, "FRAMED", is derived from a key rule of composition in photography, where the subjects in a photograph are framed to direct attention and provide context.


In designing the cover page of the magazine, I utilized photo manipulation and animation techniques in Adobe 

Photoshop to create an engaging and aesthetically pleasing cover that complemented the magazine's masthead for the inaugural issue.


FRAMED is a digital magazine and represents the culmination of my individual final year project, which I worked on as part of my specialization module in Content Design for Mass Communication. This project exemplifies my design skills and passion for photography, as well as my ability to create engaging publication designs.

Framed Guide Page

Guide Page

Editor's Note

Framed Editor's Note Page
Framed Contents Page

Content Page


Framed Article Page
Framed Divider Page

Article Dividers

Interactive Pages

Framed Interactive Page
Framed Icon Animated
Framed Ipad Mockup
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