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Eyedetic Branding


Visual Identity Design





As a Bachelor of Design Communication Design student at SIM RMIT, I undertook a branding project for a fictional company that aimed to bring more business to Fort Canning Park after the pandemic. The company that I came up with is called Eyedetic, and it aims to provide customers with a unique solution for capturing their beautiful moments at the park.


Eyedetic offers customers a convenient souvenir printing service through self-service kiosks located at photogenic spots around the park.

For customers who prefer a more spontaneous and adventurous experience, Eyedetic also provides a polaroid camera rental service and sales of polaroid films from its main store at The Foothills.


By offering these services, Eyedetic allows customers to capture and preserve their memories in a unique and personalized way. This project is a testament to my design skills and ability to provide creative solutions to meet the needs of a diverse range of customers.

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