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PassOut! Branding


Visual Identity Design





PassOut! is a design game project that I collaborated on with a partner during my tenure as a Communication Design Student at RMIT. PassOut! is an action-packed, fast-paced card game designed for players aged 15 and above, regardless of their level of expertise in the design industry. During gameplay, which accommodates 2 to 5 players, participants learn about various design briefs and practices, developing their adaptability and strategic thinking skills as they attempt to complete multiple projects without encountering too many obstacles, ultimately aiming to win the game.

PassOut! fosters an engaging learning experience for players, enabling them to understand different design practices and approaches while having fun and competing with their peers. By embracing the game's strategic elements and overcoming the obstacles presented by the action cards, players can develop essential problem-solving and critical thinking skills, making PassOut! an ideal game for individuals seeking to enhance their design knowledge and abilities.

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