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Designing in National Service


Marketing Design


Print Brochure


2019 - 2020

During my National Service, I designed two important brochures for my unit's significant events. The first brochure was for the SAF Day in 2019, and the second one was for the Commanding Officer's Change of Command Parade in 2020. To make the brochure informative and visually appealing, I spent considerable time researching and creating appropriate visuals, graphics, and designing layout, resulting in a professional-looking brochure that was well-received by senior officers and visitors alike.

The COC Parade brochure introduced the new commanding officer, highlighted her vision and goals for the unit, and recognized the achievements and contributions of the outgoing commander. It was an honor for me to contribute to the success of the event by creating a layout that reflected the occasion's seriousness and importance. The final product was well-received by the commanders and guests of the event.

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